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Zo Rub Antichafing Cream 75g

Zo Rub Antichafing Cream 75g

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Zo Rub Anti-Chafe Cream has been rebranded and is now Topiderm Anti-Chafe cream.

Topiderm Anti-Chafe Cream protects the skin from chafing and sweat rash.

The cream has a pleasant fragrance when applied, and does not leave an unsightly residue on clothing. Topiderm Anti-Chafe protects the skin and helps prevent redness and soreness caused by sweating and rubbing by providing a friction barrier to help prevent chafing.

Topiderm Anti-Chafe contains a unique moisturising system to help attract and bind moisture to the skin, and is also an effective antiperspirant to help keep you dry and prevent sweat rash.

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