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Silicone Earwax Remover 16Pk

Silicone Earwax Remover 16Pk

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Normally, earwax is eliminated or expelled by a self-cleaning mechanism, which causes it to migrate out of the ear canal assisted by jaw movement. Accumulation of earwax, caused by failure of the self-cleaning mechanism, is one of the most common reasons why people seek earwax removal tool or aid.

These hard objects (cotton-tipped swabs, paper clips, ballpoint pen tips, matchsticks, bobby pins or metal probes specifically designed for ear cleaning,etc) used for earwax removal are very likely to push it deeper into the ear canal, which may not only harm the sensitive tissues of the ear canal, possibly leading to eardrum damage, but also makes it more difficult to clean the earwax.

The Silicon Earwax Removal Tool can help you before that happens!!! The soft and flexible silicone spiral tips combined with ergonomically designed handle can safely and easily extract your earwax with a simple twist without inserting the tip too far into your ear canal.

Just insert the tip gently and slowly into your outer ear canal, twist in direction of the arrow on handle. It's done!

The Removal Tool is not for deep ear canal insertion. If you get used to digging earwax with hard objects like cotton-tipped swabs, make sure your earwax are not too deep in your ear canal, otherwise you may find our tool is not very effective for you.

Please read carefully all instructions and warnings in manual enclosed before use. If you have impacted wax, please don’t use this product but seek professional medical care.

If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, please refund instantly!

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