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Orabase Protec Paste 5g

Orabase Protec Paste 5g

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Orabase Protective Paste is a highly reliable and essential product designed to provide optimal care for your skin. With its effective healing properties, this paste offers immense relief and protection to raw, weeping, and broken skin. It serves as an outstanding solution for managing sore skin conditions while also preventing further damage.

Uniquely formulated, Orabase Protective Paste forms a protective barrier over the affected areas, shielding them from external irritants and reducing discomfort. By creating this barrier, the paste acts as a powerful line of defense, preventing bacteria and other harmful substances from penetrating the skin and causing additional harm.

The 5g quantity of Orabase Protective Paste ensures that you always have an ample supply on hand to address any discomfort or skin-related issues that may arise. Its compact size makes it conveniently portable, allowing you to carry it with you wherever you go, ensuring immediate relief whenever and wherever you need it.

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