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Olay Sensitive Ltn Moist 150mL

Olay Sensitive Ltn Moist 150mL

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Olay Moisturising Lotion Sensitive with coconut & castor seed oil offers all day hydration.

Formulated with coconut and castor seed oil for all day hydration to improve and maintain youthful skin.

Its formula:

- Is designed to be light. non-greasy and quickly absorbed into skin.

- Quickly replenishes essential moisture. 

- Is dermatologist tested. 

- Does not have fragrance & colorants.


Olay moisturising lotion has been shown to: 

- Significantly boost skin hydration.

- Leave skin soft and smooth.

Olay moisturising lotion is part of the special care range. For younger looking skin, also use:

- Olay cleanser. 

- Olay purifying toner. 

Light & non-greasy.

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