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Nurofen Ibuprfn Meltlt Bry Brst 200mg 24

Nurofen Ibuprfn Meltlt Bry Brst 200mg 24

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Nurofen Double Strength Zavance are absorbed up to 2x faster than standard Nurofen in a one tablet dose.

When life moves fast, there’s no time for a headache. Nurofen Double Strength Zavance is absorbed up to 2X Faster than standard Nurofen, in a one tablet dose, getting you back to what really matters, fast.

They are fast and effective in the temporary relief of pain and/or inflammation associated with:

• headache
• migraine headache
• tension headache
• muscular pain
• cold & flu symptoms
• period pain
• dental pain
• sinus pain
• back pain
• arthritic pain
• reduces fever

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