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Woundaid H Hyrdocol Adh Dress 5Cmx10Cm

Woundaid H Hyrdocol Adh Dress 5Cmx10Cm

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The Woundaid H Hydrocolloid Adhesive Dressing, your reliable partner in wound care. This 5cm x 10cm dressing is meticulously crafted to provide optimal healing and protection for wounds of various sizes.

 Infused with a unique blend of hydrocolloid materials, it forms a gel upon contact with wound exudate, creating a moist environment conducive to healing.

 The adhesive border ensures secure fixation, preventing unwanted movement and minimizing the risk of contamination. Key benefits include advanced wound absorption, promoting faster healing, and reducing the chances of infection. Ingredients include hypoallergenic adhesive and hydrocolloid gel. Trust Woundaid H to accelerate your recovery journey.

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