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Kotex U R/U Bikini Reg 14/16 X6

Kotex U R/U Bikini Reg 14/16 X6

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U by Kotex + Thinx Reusable Period Undies are the perfect alternative to single use periods products.
Comfortable real underwear made with cotton that keeps you protected throughout the day.

With the absorbency of up to 3 regular tampons, it has been specifically designed to help prevent leaks

Stylish bikini cut made with cotton means that you don't have to compromise comfort for protection.

Wear, wash and wear again with peak performance for up to 40 washes.

Each pair wicks moisture to help you feel comfy and fresh every day.

Available in a range of sizes and cuts so you can find the right fit for you. For full Fabric details, see ingredients list on pack.

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