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Gastrolyte Jelly-ice Blocks Strawberry 62.5ml

Gastrolyte Jelly-ice Blocks Strawberry 62.5ml

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Gastrolyte replenish, rehydrate and replace. The new jelly formula. The new Gastrolyte jelly-ice blocks are ready for rapid rehydration when dehydrating illnesses strike.

The innovative jelly formula can be eaten right out of the pack - no need to wait for the blocks to freeze.

Signs of mild dehydration

- Dry or sticky mouth, lethargy, decreased urinary output (or darker in colour), sunken eyes, sunken fontanelle (soft spot on infants head) and headache.

Children at higher risk

Children are more susceptible to dehydration due to their small body weight and inability to communicate the severity of their symptoms. For these reasons parents must be extra vigilant.

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