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Futr Ankle Wrap Supp SmL 47874

Futr Ankle Wrap Supp SmL 47874

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Stay on your feet and on top of your day. The FUTURO‚Ñ¢ Wrap Around Ankle Support is designed to comfortably provide support. Because your lifestyle is active and you want to stay on your feet.

Special Features
Adjustable strap for customised fit and support discreet

Use For
Sprains strains arthritis swelling

Product Type

Features and Benefits
- Provides compression and soothing warmth
- Soft breathable materials ensure all-day comfort
- Adjustable strap lifts and supports arch of foot
- Sleek design fits easily and discreetly inside your shoe
- Use on right or left ankle

How to Wear
1. Slide the foot in the elasticated part. See diagram for left ankle (for right ankle turn the support inside out).
2. Wrap the strap around the ankle as shown on pictures 2 and 3.
3. Attach the hook loop fastener on the bandage adjusting the strap to desired comfort. Avoid attaching the fasteners on the instep as this can cause irritation when wearing shoes.

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