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Brauer Nat Massage Oil 125mL

Brauer Nat Massage Oil 125mL

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Brauer Baby Massage Oil 125mL

Naturals Massage Oil contains natural Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Mandarin Oil, Honey and Paw Paw to pamper and nourish your bub’s precious skin while you enjoy skin-on-skin bonding time. This sweet-smelling massage oil leaves your bub calm and relaxed before bed without the need for any nasty mineral oils or petrochemicals.

Helpful Hints
This product offers precious skin-on-skin bonding time between bub and mum or dad. Contains coconut oil, almond oil, honey and paw paw to nourish baby’s skin.

Directions for use
Warm a small amount of Brauer Naturals Baby Massage Oil into hands. Slowly and gently massage into baby’s skin

Almond oil, Coconut oil, Papaya extract, Honey, Vitamin E, Mandarin oil.

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