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Gill Venus C/G Spa Breeze Razor

Gill Venus C/G Spa Breeze Razor

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Gillette Venus Comfortglide Spa Breeze Razor has a pleasant white tea scent as well as 3 blades for a close, lasting shave that softens the skin. Besides, its head features flexible lubrication bars that release light body butters for an effortless glide over women's bodies, wrapping them in a comforting breeze. At the same time, the curved core blades remove unwanted hair in a single stroke, shielding the skin against cut, irritation and redness.

Made from soft gel, the ergonomic handle adapts swiftly to your hand. In addition, this option includes a pivoting head pragmatically designed to fit different body contours. In other words, there's no need to place the razor in weird angles in order to achieve optimal results. Finally, there's plenty of room for cross-compatibility. After all, any blade refill fits any razor handle, excluding Simply Venus and Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin.

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