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Dentagenic Dental Brush Blue Size 5

Dentagenic Dental Brush Blue Size 5

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Dentagenie Dental Brushes clean between teeth. Size 0 for Tiny Gaps. WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT DENTAGENIE? An alternative to 100% plastic.  
EARTH LOVIN' is made of a proprietary blend of cornstarch & plastic.  
SOFT, WIRE-COATED BRISTLES gentle to protect, firm enough to get the job done!
HANDY CAP to protect bristles between uses .... fresh!
COMFY GRIP is easy to hold and control ... ace!
PAYING IT FORWARD for every pack sold, 20c is donated to Youngcare Australia to help someone else smile :)

Dentagenie Dental Brushes are innovative, easy, gentle to use and great at removing food and plaque from between your teeth. Because they're Earth Lovin' made from plant-based materials reduced plastic or recycled plastic, they'll protect you as much as they do our planet.

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