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Conceive Plus Fertility Lube 75

Conceive Plus Fertility Lube 75

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Conceive Plus gel is a unique, sperm-friendly lubricant, specially formulated to boost comfort during intercourse and enhance the chances of conception for couples trying to conceive.

Promotes Fertility, Eases Dryness: Designed for regular use, this fertility lube alleviates stress-related dryness in women trying to conceive. Frequent use can lead to more opportunities for conception, making it a vital aid for couples on their fertility journey.

Exclusive Mg & Ca Ions Formula: Our fertility gel is the only one with Magnesium and Calcium ions, developed by Harvard fertility experts. These ions are essential for overall health and play a crucial role in successful conception.

Optimized pH for TTC Couples: With an ideal pH that mimics fertile fluids, Conceive Plus aids sperm mobility and bonding to the egg. This specially formulated gel is safe for cells and embryos, enhancing the likelihood of pregnancy for those trying for a baby.

Use During Ovulation for Best Results: Apply Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant Gel during your ovulatory phase to maximize your chances of conceiving. It's designed to be sperm-friendly and supports couples in their quest for a baby.

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