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Bubba Bump Organic Baby Wrap Carrier Cream

Bubba Bump Organic Baby Wrap Carrier Cream

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A beautiful light weight organic cotton baby wrap carrier. Suitable for 0-36 months

The BubbaWrap is made out of a gorgeous cotton jersey material which ensures the best comfort for your little one and you. 

It is ridiculously simple to put on- once you've tried it you will be addicted! 

See below for the amazing benefits of Baby Wearing. You will feel as close to your bub as you did when they were in your stomach! So close it will feel like bump wrapping! The wrapping technique is so ridiculously easy, you will be able to throw it on in 5 seconds flat!

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Wrapping your precious little one helps the connection grow between the two of you. 'Baby Wearing' as it is fondly called keeps your baby close to you. The warmth and comfort of your skin and heartbeat acts like a magic 'turn off' switch. It calms an upset baby,  and is great for colic episodes and a life saver if your baby is being clingy.

Putting your bubba in the wrap calms them beautifully. 

It gives you your two hands back and at the same time enables you to feel close to your baby.  

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