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Audiplugs Flight Care And Comfort

Audiplugs Flight Care And Comfort

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General Information
Soft Silicon flanged Ear Plugs contected with a cord to safely stow around the back of your neck. When inserted to the ear canal correctly, these plugs willregulate the change in cabin pressure for your ears to slowly adjusting and allow them adapt in a regulated manner while ascending & decending.

Removal; To avoid pain on the ear canal/ear drum, gently twist the plug slightlywhile slowly pulling out. WARNING sudden or fast removal out of the ear canal may damage the ear drum. Small part are choking hazards, keep out of reach from infants. Children using AUDIPLUGS Flight Care & Comfort Ear plugs should always do so under adult supervision. Corded plugs may be a choking hazard.

Common Uses
For regulating the cabin pressure changes in a regulated way to provide greater comfort to the passenger. For ascending and decending.

1 pair of soft set silicone plugs, plastic insert for stability and 1 cord

Pull the top of your ear back & up to straighten the ear canal, gently push and twist the ear plug into the ear canal until all flanges are engaged in the ear canal, released the top of your ear and adjust for comfort with the cord around the rear of you neck.
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