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Washable Silicone Placement Dinosaur

Washable Silicone Placement Dinosaur

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Well, come with us as we open the door and explore behind the castle walls. 

Colour in the activity placemat to see all of the exciting things that our happy princess does every fun-filled day. 

Follow her journey as she eats breakfast with a beautiful unicorn, learns about her magical world with the help of her teacher, and enjoys a delicious picnic with her best friends in the castle grounds. 

Not only do you get to experience how lovely life can be as a princess, but you also get to test your time-keeping skills by following the clock and making sure the princess is where she needs to be, on time! The kingdom will be so grateful to you! 

Set your imagination free as you colour in and explore this royally wonderful world. 

And the most glorious part? 

Because this mat is reusable, you will be able to re-create the fun over and over again. How princess-tactic is that?!

Why you’ll love it: Our mats are eco-friendly, easy to clean, easy to store, reusable + non-toxic.

Size: 40cm (w) x 30cm (h)

Each Set Includes: 1 silicone placemat + 10 washable markers in assorted colours + 1 eco-friendly canvas bag for easy storage.

Recommended for: Ages 3+

How to clean: Wipe clean with warm water and gentle soap (only) before drying with a soft cloth, or allowing to air dry. Once dry, start the fun all over again!

50c from each box sold will be donated to UNICEF Australia.

Lovingly designed, packed and distributed in Australia. Thoughtfully made in China.

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