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Novalac Anti Reflux 800g

Novalac Anti Reflux 800g

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Novalac Reflux is a premium evidence-based specialty infant formula specially formulated for babies 0-12 months to help provide relief from reflux symptoms.

Novalac Reflux is a premium evidence based specialty infant formula which has been specially formulated for babies with reflux symptoms. Novalac Reflux is a thickened formula designed to thicken in the stomach, and not in the bottle to help reduce the severity and frequency of regurgitation episodes. It is part of a premium infant formula specialty range that assists with common conditions while nourishing your baby with contains essential daily nutrients and minerals.

Suitable for babies from birth to 12 months of age. Novalac Reflux is suitable for ongoing everyday use after your baby’s reflux symptoms have resolved. Babies aged over 6 months should be offered solid food in addition to infant formula.

Suitable For: Infants 0 -12 months of age

Boxed Contents: Infant Formula

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