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E/Plast Anti Bact Plst Strp 20

E/Plast Anti Bact Plst Strp 20

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Elastoplast Plastic Plasters with Bacteria Shield are your classic wound coverage - repelling water and dirt and with strong adhesion to protect minor wounds. The latex free plasters with absorbent, non-stick wound pad, are just what you need for everyday wound care.

Elastoplast Water Resistant Plastic Plasters with Elastoplast Bacteria Shield* are suitable to cover and protect all types of minor, everyday wounds. The material is breathable and water-resistant to help protect your wound from moisture and water, whilst the non-stick wound pad is designed to protect and cushion the wound. 

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
Suitable For: Minor wounds

Boxed Contents: 20 Strips

Size: 20 Pack


• Bacteria Shield*: Elastoplast plasters block 99% of dirt and bacteria
• Strong adhesion: for lengthy protection and care
• Repellent: protects against water and dirt
• Breathable: absorbent noon-stick wound pad
• 20 Strips per pack: suitable for everyday use

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