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Mor Marsh Petals Triple Miled Soap

Mor Marsh Petals Triple Miled Soap

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MOR Marshmallow Petals Triple Milled Soap froths up to an unusually creamy foam & leaves my skin feeling soft, but less so than Cetaphil, my pre-date secret weapon for unbelievably soft skin.

The endurance of triple-milled soap far exceeds supermarket cakes, so this pale mauve soap is economical despite the hefty price - mine lasted months! I appreciate not needing to repeatedly reload my flannel as I shower.

 The scent is pleasant but milder than expected. I can't discern the individual notes it's supposed to contain - the light floral fragrance reminds me of Camay. (Does anyone remember Camay soap?) The aroma did not linger on my skin, so does not clash with perfume.

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