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Metagenics Ultra Flora Lgg Forte 60

Metagenics Ultra Flora Lgg Forte 60

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Practitioner Range

Double Strength, Researched, Authentic LGG

  • For a wide range of microbiome clinical protocols and for immune conditions and gastrointestinal function.
    • Immunological Use: Immune support: LGG® is immune modulating with the lower dose range (1 billion – 10 billion CFU) supporting immune response and has been shown to reduce upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) and colds (particularly in children)
    • Allergy: Higher doses of LGG®(20 billion CFU ) have been shown to up regulate anti-inflammatory interleukins (IL-10)6 and down regulate ImmunoglobulinE (IgE) synthesis
    • Gastrointestinal Use: Diarrhoea:LGG® (10-20 billion CFU) reduces the frequency, severity and duration of diarrhoea – viral, travellers and also antibiotic associated.
    • Microbiome Use: Regeneration of core commensal (native) gut flora: More recently DNA sequencing of the microbiome has shown LGG® has the ability to influence and regenerate commensal bacterial families.
    • Prenatal Use: LGG® has a wide body of evidence showing reduced allergy, eczema and atopy when taken prenatally. More recent research has shown support for maternal glucose control, maternal and childhood obesity and reduced incidence of childhood behavioural complaints (when taken during pregnancy and infancy). 
  • Contains the authentic LGG® strain and supply chain, with over 20 years of clinical researchLGG® is one of the world's most researched probiotic strains with 1000+ scientific publications and over 300 in humans. Isolated by Gorbach and Goldin in 1985, LGG® has unique hair-like appendages called pili which increase its persistence in the gastrointestinal tract where it is able to exert positive health benefits. 
  • No refrigeration required - remains full strength for the length of shelf life (when stored below 25°C), for improved patient compliance.
  • Dairy free.
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