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Db Fabulous Flora Pamper Pack

Db Fabulous Flora Pamper Pack

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Gift them a little luxury! Making a perfect present, this skincare gift set is pampering in a box. Featuring gorgeous scents in deluxe formulas, they'll love this set from DB. Plus, every product is vegan-friendly, ensuring there's something for everyone. 


  • Designer Brands¬¨¬®¬¨¬Æ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚Äö√тĆFabulous Flora Pamper Pack
  • Pack contents:¬¨¬®¬¨¬Æ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚Äö√тĆ
    • 1 x shower gel 100mL
    • 1 x body cream 50mL
    • 1 x body butter 50mL
    • 1 x sleep eye mask
  • Chic gift pack¬¨¬®¬¨¬Æ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚Äö√тĆ
  • Makes an ideal present¬¨¬®¬¨¬Æ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚Äö√тĆ
  • Vegan formula¬¨¬®¬¨¬Æ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚Äö√тĆ
  • Not tested on animals¬¨¬®¬¨¬Æ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚Äö√тĆ
  • Smells fantastic¬¨¬®¬¨¬Æ‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√ë‚Äö√тĆ
  • Perfect for a home spa day
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