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Caresens N Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Caresens N Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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The CareSens N blood glucose meter is an excellent choice for people who would prefer a bigger screen and larger numbers. Its cleverly curved body design also helps make it easy to hold. CareSens N is a simple to use meter, with a memory that holds 1,000 readings, and a range of data averaging. It has an easy set post-meal alarm (a handy reminder to check your levels after eating) plus three customisable alarms, and can be used with SmartLog software.

Test strips required: CareSens N strips.

The CareSens N meter set also includes 10 CareSens N strips, 50 lancets and a CareLance lancing device.

We supply FREE CareSens meters to diabetes health care professionals - have a chat with them about which meter is right for you.

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